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Forklift Training

Forklift trucks are used throughout many different industries but all operators require training in order to operate one within the workplace.
Lift-truck accidents are often associated with lack of suitable and sufficient operator training. Such training is an essential first step in reducing damage and injury.

Why train?

Every year there are around 8000 reportable injuries involving Forklift trucks. Not only do many of these result in injuries ranging from minor through to fatal but they may result in costly damage to trucks, buildings and goods to the employer.
Forklift Truck Training can vastly help reduce these accidents and associated costs and create a safer working environment for all.

How long does it take?

The duration of training for Counterbalance, Reach Truck and other Forklift Trucks such as Flexi Truck and VNA training depends on the experience of the candidates and the number of candidates on the course. To check on your level of experience please view our skills guide

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As an employer, do my employees really need to train – they only use the truck occasionally?

The L117 states “Employers should not allow anyone to operate, even on a very occasional basis, lift trucks within the scope of this ACOP who have not satisfactorily completed basic training and testing as described in this ACOP, except for those undergoing such training under adequate supervision.”
If there is an accident and the operator does not hold a certificate of training, the employer may be liable to prosecution under section 2 of The Health & Safety at Work Act and face a possible custodial sentence. The employer would also not be covered through their insurance.

Training does not need to have a large impact on the day to day running of the business. We offer off-site training at our training centre to employees and individuals, or we can come to your workplace - which ever suits you best. We offer cost effective solutions allowing you as the customer to get the most out of your time with us - ask us about linking your course to Driver CPC

I currently hold a licence, do I need to renew it?

Whilst there is no legal expiry on a Forklift Licence, whether that be Counterbalance, Reach Truck or another truck for example a Pallet truck, The HSE recommend a 3-5 year renewal period. If there is an accident and a Forklift Licence is outside of this period then insurance companies may decide that you are not covered under that policy – if in doubt check with the employers insurance company. Safe-T-Solutions always recommend that anyone operating any type of mechanical handling equipment attend periodical refresher training.

Where can I go to train?

Safe-T-Solutions train commercially on customer premises or at the training centre in Peterborough. We cover the UK commercially and operate 24 hours a day, 7 day a week – there is no shift pattern that we will not cover

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